Translation, authoring, full subtitling, Dubbing, Voice over for video productions, television commercials, DVDs, CD-ROM, digital betacams and Internet productions.


Our team is comprised of in-house and linguists, translators...

Alice Art Production is mindful of the precision and the relevance...
Alice Art Production offers professional production services...
Graphic Design

Alice Art Production provides top notch graphic design services...

Media News Services:
Offering facilities for T.V. Reporters to cover hot news...
Authoring DVD
At Alice Art Production, we make it affordable to get professional...

About Us

Our 25 years old experienced team of translators, administrators, technicians, sound engineers, graphic designers and editors are capable to deliver the highest quality in dubbing, translation, translation execution and a wide range of services.

The Estimated number of executed hours exceeds 10 thousands, distributed among sports bulletins, cartoons, drama series, and documentaries.

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